Thursday, 26 June 2014

Junior Artists 25.6.14 Paper Mache Models Part 2

The Junior Artists continued this week with their paper mache models, layering paper and some of the artist's began painting their models.  Below a dream catcher being made on the left photo and on the right photo an elephant.

                                                       A paper mache pig being made

A paper mache mug

A paper mache pen pot being made

The first layer of paint added to the models, plenty of fun had with the paint deciding what colours to use.

The paper mache pig

The fun has begun with the paint everybody pouring and mixing paint for their models.

Messy time pouring and mixing paint !
Fun mixing purple paint for the pen pot

To be continued next week........

Friday, 20 June 2014

Junior Artists 18.06.14 - Paper Mache

The Junior Artists this week began work on paper mache models.

Each Artist decided what they wanted to make and sketched their designs on paper first. 
Ideas they decided on: elephant, pig, pen holders, mug & a dream catcher.  

Shredding up newspaper to begin the paper mache models
Balloon blowing fun for the paper mache animals !
 Good fun had by all with the balloons ! A few exploding balloons as well to add the fun.
The balloons will be covered in paper mache layers and will be transformed into animals of the artist's choice.
The Junior Artists begin their models having plenty of fun with glue, newspaper and very sticky hands !!

 Pen holders being made which will be painted and decorated after the paper mache is completed.
All busy at work layering their paper mache onto their chosen items they designed earlier.

  A balloon covered in paper mache to be transformed into an elephant when completed.

A pen holder - layers of paper mache being stuck on.

Paper mache balloon animal in progress.
 The legs now being added to the paper mache balloon, this will be a pig when completed.

 The models out in the sunshine to dry - to be continued next week.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Juniors Artists Dragon Tour on 11th June 2014

The Junior Artists waiting for their guests to arrive for the Dragon Tour !  A quick rehearsal from them all, the sun is shining and they are ready to go.
On the Dragon Tour

The Junior Artist - Dragon Tour Guides wearing their handmade hats and carrying their handmade flags.
their guests all enjoying the tour in Halewood Park all hoping for a glimpse of the dragon !

The Junior Artists all spoke in a good loud voice so their audience could hear them - well done !

Is that the Dragon's tail I can see sticking out ahead !

Back for refreshments and the gift shop at the environmental centre

An excellent tour by the Junior Artists

Friday, 6 June 2014

Junior Artists in Halewood Park - Rehearsals for their Dragon Tour

 Rehearsing the start of the Tour
En-route to the Dragons home !

 Carole supervising the rehearsals in Halewood Park

Carole and the Junior Artists.
 Excellent efforts from the Junior Artists with their readings.
 they all read perfectly and with confidence.

More excellent readings !

The Junior Artists wearing their tour guide hats and flags which they worked so hard making themselves !

Well done to the Junior Artists who have all put a lot of hard work in with Carole and provided some excellent ideas for their Dragon Tour on June 11th - please remember the dragon is very shy so only glimpse of him may be seen on the day !

They hope all their guests who are attending will enjoy their tour !