Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Winter Solstice

A very big thank you to all the contributors of "The Winter Solstice". Halewood Community Choir joined us for the first time and added a very special element to the performance. Their harmonies and acapella singing was beautiful and sounded very professional. Thanks to Mark, their choir master, for setting it up. The groups use of lights to illuminate the park at night, produced some magical pictures
A huge thanks to Kate Cotterell for this beautiful picture taken at the event.

Thanks to Becky Bryson for her artistic lanterns and yummy curry, that went down very well.

Thanks to Strange Case Collective also, for the masks they created for the characters.
The Junior Artists Club masks were fab and the 'blessings' they wrote showed a touching insight.

The actors, Ash, Helen, Katrina and Gemma delivered their poems, blessings and words with feeling.

The performance itself wouldn't have been possible without the direction and organisation from the extremely hard working Carole.

We would also like to thank KMBC and Darren the ranger for his assistance, acting and not forgetting the Community Support Officers.

May the blessings of the Solstice bring you an enlightened and fruitful New Year.