Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Here are a few of the poems we came up with: 


Art is a brain.
Art is everything.
Do it when you like.
Transform whatever you want.

Art is something,
Anything you like.
Anyone can do it,
Just do something.
Use your brain
By what? Your imagination!

Art is nothing
I say that!
Even rubbish
It’s just a matter to transform
Create it
The way you like!
And again and again
It’s nothing!
And again and again it’s nothing!

Rosalia Mendes


It was the Langsdale classic
A fell race just for fools,
We did it on our two tired legs
We should have been on mules.
The race it was a long way out
And a long way up ,
The runners got a medal,
The winner got ac cup.
Half way around, upon a hill,
I tripped against a tree,
I finished up in hospital
With a titanium knee.
I felt so stupid
I don’t know why,
I didn’t laugh
But I didn’t half cry!

Tom Glow

Boat trouble

In 92 I bought a boat 
I was so made up I didn’t half gloat.
It was made of wood
And twenty foot long.
It didn’t cost much,
I got it for a song.
The rotten wood it didn’t half stink
And the missed out holes it made him sink.
The final touch was the rest of the boaters
They had a good laugh cos they all had floaters!
Anchors away!

Tom Glow

Poem for Barbara

I only came to vote here
Now they won’t let me go
And now I bring my knitting
It stops me getting low
I knit and knit and knit and knit
And then I knit some more
I knit so much I’ve covered up the ceiling, walls and floor
And now the irony of it is
I cannot find the door!

You gotta laugh or else you’ll cry
Write a poem don’t ask why.

Poem for Ruby.

Everywhere you go you’ll see her Halewood way,
You’ll see her at the crack of dawn and at the close of day,
Through rain and wind and sunshine
She’s out and she’s about
She’s not one for going slowly if you see you must shout
and then give chase
cos she’s a racer
she’ll zoom and beep her hooter.
She’s the queen of these here highways
Ruby and her trusty scooter!
Good bye Ruby Tuesday
We all shout as past she goes
With her bags on carribinas
And her face all pink it glows
Life with Ruby
Is a journey
And the scooter eases pain.
Ride it with her
here on Halewood way
through wind and sun and rain.


Last week during our active older people session we continued with our creative writing sessions - building on what we did last week and reading a few of our favourite poems from liverpool writers.

Sometimes finding a starting point can be the hardest part of getting any words down on paper so Alison our writer in residence started with a quick technique to get our brains thinking. Simply put on two sides of the paper likes and dislikes and the opposite of these for example:

 Sid likes fishing but disliked the government (in his own words the lunatics are running the asylum!!)

Tommy likes writing but hates waiting around. 

I like painting but hate trying to find a matching pair of socks in the dryer (as Carol stated she just wears odd socks as she too finds this irritating!) 

I know what your thinking where is this going to lead....well Alison then introduced to us what a Haiku is.

This is a very sort poem of 3 lines:
1st line 5 syllables (sounds of a word for example university is 5 syllables u-ni-ver-si-ty)
2nd line 7 syllables 
3rd line 5 syllables

So we all attempted to write to write or own Haiku’s about our likes and dislikes  - sounds easy - well counting the sounds of syllables is harder than it looks! 

Edith wrote:

“Must queue for a bus
No overhead railway now
The dockers get wet”

So if we look at syllables 


My Haiku was based on my love of painting/hatred of finding socks

“Get the right palette
Paint the missing sock like love
Voyage et la lune”

Really interesting session - If you or anyone you know wants to come along bring your knitting or anything for a nice group session and discover your inner poet. 

Wednesdays 1-3 


Monday, 11 November 2013

European Week of Waste Reduction

 The Perils of Plastic! - Think Before You Throw!

Wednesday 20th November 3.30pm onwards

Over the past few weeks, The Junior Artists Club have been exploring some of the issues of using plastic. They have seen the awful effects of throwing away plastic objects; and created some posters and objects to help us understand the effects on wildlife.

They have also come up with great ideas on what we can do to re-use plastic and other 'throw-away' items to reduce our consumption.

Please join them to learn more about some of the issues.

Find out how to make birds, bats, scoops, and other objects from throwaway items

Watch our videos on 'The Story of Stuff' 

Listen to the story of a wonderful albatross called Wisdom
Thanks to Ernest Cook Trust for making this possible
 Have a go at our Quiz

Or just come and have a cuppa!

We are based at The Environment Centre, Okell Drive, Halewood, L26 7XB