Sunday, 25 November 2012

European Week for Waste Awareness

The children of the Junior Artists Club spent time coming up with ideas on how to reuse Pot Noodle containers and Milk bottles, before sending them to be recycled. The children came up with ideas for Reusing Pot Noodle pots including using them as skittles, flowerpots, cup&ball games, and telephones!
The Reuse of the plastic milk bottles included, Scoops, toys (halloween bats), glue pots,& water holder for their paint brushes. They also created a stunning artwork that promoted Reuse and Reduce by creating an Iris pattern of recycled birthday wrapping paper (courtesy of Holly).
They then hosted an afternoon of information, quizzes, and making things using recycled materials. Visitors spent an enjoyable afternoon finding out about Reusing and Reducing waste and joining in the games.

Friday, 16 November 2012

European Waste Awareness Week

Please join the children from Junior Artists Club and see what they have created from recycled and renewable resources. Thanks

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Lantern Making

We have had a great time making Lanterns for The Liverpool Lantern Parade and Halewood Spooktacular Parade
The Liverpool Lantern Parade was huge with over 10,000 people joining in the Halloween Fun. We were just a small part of the event, but we all had a great time parading with our lanterns.
Halewood Spooktacular organised by Halewood Community Spirit,was a smaller event with a real community feel. Children and several adults really got involved with the evening and turned out in fantastic costumes. We expected 80 particiapnts, but we estimate there was closer to 200!. What a great turnout.
There was Pumpkin carving at The Environment Centre, before all participants lit their lanterns, pumpkins, and torches and paraded along the Loop Line to the Arncliffe Centre. The Loop Line was decorated with Spooky Bats, Ghosts pointing the way, and an avenue of lights, all adding to the fantastic atmosphere. Once at The Arncliffe the festivities continued with delicious homemade scouse, including a veggie version, (thank you ladies of the Arncliffe Centre); apple bobbing; and a disco. Everyone enjoyed the evening and Halewood Community Spirit are already putting thoughts together for next year. Thanks to all who supported the event including HAA and The Community Police.