Monday, 22 July 2013

Magical Mythical Creatures!!

Last Wednesday we had encouraged the kids to make up their own magical animals that may live in the nearby woodlands, Halewood Triangle Park. We were very lucky to be joined by a young cartoonist who showed their own work and inspired the children to make their own mythical animals. We started by exploring the nearby woods to stimulate their imagination and hopefully see various animals. We saw dragonflies and squirrels also some fish in the pond. Then we returned to the centre where we asked them to draw down their ideas. They came up with their own animals, shown below in the pictures.

This is a dinosaur and a crocodile mixture.
This is one of our artists work traced by a JAC member.
This is a butterfly and bird mixture!
This is a mixture of a human and a butterfly!!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Global Warming and Aeroplanes

Last Wednesday, we talked about Global Warming with the children and made origami fortune tellers with questions related to global warming inside. This later resulted in paper plane chasing in the woods.