Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Summer Arrangements for Junior Artists Club

July 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Junior Artists Club.

First of all, thanks to the Junior Artists who made every week exciting and different. And thanks to all the parents and volunteers who helped with the Junior Artists Club over the year. Special thanks to Emma for her continued help volunteering and writing the blog.  It’s great! Check out what’s been happening here - http://halewoodarts.blogspot.co.uk/

And Twitter: @halewoodarts
So please make contact, it’s nice to have some feedback.

Wednesday 30th July will be our last session before the summer break. We would like to continue through the summer, but numbers become so low, it’s not practical.

However check out our blogspot for news of any one off events. One idea is to have a film evening, send us your ideas of possible films.

Also, you can join our email list by sending a message to halewoodarts@gmail.com with the heading ‘Junior Artists’

On Saturday 30th August we are supporting Halewood Community Spirits’ Summer Spectacular’. It’s being held at Hollies Hall, and starts at 11.00 am.
We are asking children and parents to staff a stall that will host some simple arts activities. Please let us know if you can help for part of the day. One hour would be great, and the children can show you the ropes!

The Junior Artists Club returns on Wednesday September 10th. Hope to see you all there. In the meantime I will be doing some spring cleaning of the store cupboard, and thinking up more ideas for the autumn.

Finally, thanks to Thusy who beavers away in the background doing the office stuff.

Best wishes from Carole and all the artists and volunteers

Carole x

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Day out at Wildflower Centre

We had a brilliant day out at National Wildflower Centre with the lovely AOP group from Fairview Park Community Centre.

For more pics check out @Halewoodarts facebook page
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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thursday, 3 July 2014

02.07.14 Part 3 Paper Mache & Fun in Halewood Park

The Junior Artists continued this week with their paper mache models having fun with the paint, mixing various colours for their models.

Mixing paint for the pen pot

Mixing grey paint for model elephant

The Junior Artists all working well as a team on the pig

All the artists eager to assist each other with the paper mache models.

A team effort on the elephant

A dream catcher being painted

The pig and elephant painted ready to go outside to dry in the sun 

The models outside drying to be continued next week.....

Whilst the models dried, the Junior Artists had some fun in Halewood Park.