Sunday, 29 December 2013

More poems - Langsdale by Tommy Glow


It was the Langsdale classic
A fell race just for fools,
We did it on our two tired legs
We should have been on mules.
The race it was a long way out
And a long way up ,
The runners got a medal,
The winner got ac cup.
Half way around, upon a hill,
I tripped against a tree,
I finished up in hospital
With a titanium knee.
I felt so stupid
I don’t know why,
I didn’t laugh
But I didn’t half cry!

Tom Glow

Poems from Active Older People Group

We are running a range of arts and crafts workshops every Wednesday afternoon from 1pm. All activities are suitable for beginners. Funded by The Peoples Health Trust

Please come and join us.

Lately we have been creating poems with the amazingly talented Alison Downs


Art is a brain.
Art is everything.
Do it when you like.
Transform whatever you want.

Art is something,
Anything you like.
Anyone can do it,
Just do something.
Use your brain
By what? Your imagination!

Art is nothing
I say that!
Even rubbish
It’s just a matter to transform
Create it
The way you like!
And again and again
It’s nothing!
And again and again it’s nothing!

Rosalia Mendes

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

More carvings in Court Farm Woods

Year 5 were very creative in their ideas.

One theme was that the grounds/woods provided a range of foods for the animals, and is linked to the food cycle. So we have several mini beasts eating up the leaves – with bite marks, aphids, and acorns and transferring them into compost etc to continue the life cycle. It includes ladybird, caterpillar, and millipede.
The second side explores the role of trees in providing oxygen, shelter, food, play and homes for animals and humans.
We have a tree house, a woodpecker, and a child; with birds in the branches. All making full use of the materials provided by the tree.
The third side looks at fun, outdoor activities, having picnics, feeding the ducks, playing in the open spaces, watching the animals, and getting exercise. So we have small children with a large multi-tiered cake, ducks and ducklings swimming and being fed, a rabbit, and a place to fish, and a bridge. 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Wood Sculptures in Court Farm Woods

Becky Bryson and Carole trenaman have had the privilege of working with Halewood C of E Primary school in gathering their ideas for new wood sculptures in Court Farm Woods.
Years 4 and 5 shared their ideas with us, and we took their drawings to incorporate into some fantastic new creations. The carvings were executed by two great carvers, Mike and Andy Burgess.

Year 4's ideas centred on the woods being a place for wildlife. It being a fun, friendly place, to go with lots to see.
So their sculpture incorporated lots of images of things that lived in the woods and their usefulness.
One child wrote “You are always welcome here” which we thought should show on one of the faces.

A beehive hanging from
  a branch, showing our reliance on the work the bees do, is to be placed on the second side.

Finally, a butterfly, fungi, and snail make their home on the third side.