Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bridewell and METAL

Fantastic if very tiring trip out to two fantastic independent arts organisations on Merseyside.
The Bridewell on Prescot Street, where 25 artists have their workshop spaces and exhibition space
METAL, cosying up to Edge Hill train station.

Thanks to People's Health Trust for making the trips possible.

 We travelled from the depths of the cells, to the rooftops of the Bridewell. The group had a great time quizzing the artists, exploring the artists spaces, letting everyone know what they liked or disliked about the different art techniques, and generally chatting about everything they found. Well done to George, our tour guide, for coping with all the questions. The history of the The Bridewell was fascinating, including its link to 'Boys from The Blackstuff'.

 The group kept Sam and Carole busy with their questions and probing comments about the various types of arts and crafts.

 Thanks to The Bridewell and METAL for making us all so welcome and providing copious amounts of tea, coffee, and biccies.

Magnolia Blossoms with Sam

Today we concentrated on painting Magnolia Blossom.

with the occasional cat, crocodile, and shark thrown in for good measure. We were helped by our Design Volunteer Georgina, Sam from Abaji Arts, and Carole from Boomtime Enterprises.
 Thanks to The Peoples Health Trust for providing funding through Health Fit.

Afternoon with Becky Bryson

The Junior Artists enjoyed a busy and creative afternoon with our fabulous colleague Becky Bryson.

Thye made grass headed dolls and a variety of banners and flags.

Well done.