Who We Are

Halewood Arts Association have been in existence since 1994. We are an umbrella organisation that promote, support and initiate arts based activities within Halewood and the surrounding areas. We are made up of local residents, local artists and those who work within Halewood and the surrounding areas. Our youngest artists are 7 years old, there is no upper age limit.

The type of media we work in and have experience in;
Fine Art
Environmental Art
Printed and Spoken Word
Community Arts
Drama and Theatre

We want to produce a legacy for Halewood by initiating sustainable new arts projects that bring together members of our organisation, community members and professional artists.

What we aim to do;

  • Encourage creativity and talent within the community, working with all ages and abilities.
  • Undertake new projects to explore different art forms through a variety of media
  • Co-operate with existing events and facilitate the exchange of information, skills and resources
  • Provide professional help and guidance in learning new skills
  • Bring together residents in positive social activities, provide positive role models and encourage group activities.
  • Generate an appreciation of the built, natural and social environment 
The Junior Artists Club has been in existence since 2005. It is the junior arm of Halewood Arts Association and was set up in response to a perceived need for a high quality outlet for children with an interest in the arts.
Over the years we have explored a range of creative disciplines including 3D sculpture, video making, dyeing, drama, poetry, weaving, mosaics, to name just a few.
We have used, amongst other things, natural materials, clay, willow, tissue, nettles, recycled bottles, cloth, paper, recycled glass, mud, beetroot, chalk, nuts, straws, bread and paint.
Some of our projects include
The Big Park Clean-up’- promenade theatre piece
‘The Big Draw’, multi disciplinary workshops and day of drawing in Halewood Park Triangle
‘The Winter Solstice’ – promenade theatre piece
‘Alternatives to The Gas Guzzlers’ –Set of 7 mosaics set into the park
‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ – recycled glass sculpture on wall of The Environment Centre,
‘The Slug Safari’ – video and story using recycled materials
‘The Childe of Hale, and Yurt’ – Story, camera obscura, and den building
Still Thinking’ – Book of poems and photographs of Halewood

The Junior Artists meet weekly at The Environment Centre, Okell Drive, Halewood. L26 7XB
Their projects often have an environmental, ecological or local issue as their theme. They use their projects to promote positive use of Halewood Park triangle, and inform the public of the wonderful resources available to them.
Halewood Arts Association tries to ensure that all workshops are conducted in a positive atmosphere where the childrens’ views are respected and their self confidence is boosted.


So keep visiting back for regular updates from us and to see more of the work we do.